ShareASale"Understanding ShareASale Merchants and How They Operate"

"Understanding ShareASale Merchants and How They Operate"

Understanding ShareASale Merchants and How They Operate

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that brings together advertisers, who are colloquially referred to as merchants, and publishers, often referred to as affiliates. This platform gives merchants the needed resources to set up an affiliate program, while affording the affiliates an avenue to find products and services to promote.

Who are ShareASale Merchants?

A ShareASale merchant is a business or an individual who sells products or services over this platform. They typically provide affiliates with promotional materials like banners, product images, and affiliate links. In addition, they also set the commission rates for their affiliates.

How Does a ShareASale Merchant Work?

As a ShareASale merchant, the first step involves signing up on the ShareASale platform. You are then required to provide information about your business or products and services you offer. You would also have to decide on the commission to be paid out to the affiliates who would promote your products or services.

Once your account is set up, affiliates interested in your products or services can sign up and start promoting them. When a sale is made via the affiliate link provided by you, you would have to pay the commission to the affiliate via ShareASale.

The process is designed to be simple and easy to navigate even for merchants with little or no experience handling affiliate programs. ShareASale provides merchants with the tools they need to run their programs, including tracking software, graphic design tools for creating advertising banners, and the ability to manage and pay affiliates.

Why Use ShareASale as a Merchant?

There are several benefits to becoming a ShareASale merchant. Firstly, the platform has access to over 4000 affiliates, giving merchants a vast field of potential promoters for their products. The platform provides merchants with detailed reports that let them easily monitor the success of their affiliate programs.

Moreover, ShareASale offers excellent customer service and is known for its reliability and speed. Most importantly, it makes handling an affiliate program very manageable, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Some Challenges for ShareASale Merchants

Despite its many advantages, using ShareASale as a merchant also comes with a few challenges. While the platform has a wide array of features, its interface can seem quite complex for the first time user. Also, it can be somewhat difficult to find the right affiliates for your products or services, as the vast number of affiliates can be overwhelming.


ShareASale is a popular choice among retailers looking to expand their reach through affiliate marketing. Its ease of use, extensive features, quality customer service, and access to a vast pool of affiliates makes it an ideal choice for merchants of all sizes. If you wish to broaden your marketing efforts, becoming a ShareASale merchant could be a step in the right direction. Regardless of the occasional challenges, the benefits far outweigh any potential cons, making ShareASale a worthwhile option for any online merchant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an affiliate marketing network?
  2. An affiliate marketing network is an online platform that connects merchants with potential affiliates who promote their products or services for a commission.

  3. How do I become a ShareASale merchant?
  4. You become a ShareASale merchant by signing up on the ShareASale platform, offering detailed information about your business, setting a commission rate, and making promotional materials available to affiliates.

  5. What is the minimum payout for ShareASale?
  6. The minimum payout for ShareASale is $50. Once your account has accrued this amount, you will receive your payout during the next payout period.

  7. Can anyone be a merchant on ShareASale?
  8. Yes, anyone with a product or service to sell can become a merchant on ShareASale. However, the platform needs to approve your application first before you can start selling.

  9. What does commission rate mean on ShareASale?
  10. The commission rate on ShareASale is the amount of money an affiliate would earn for each successful sale or lead they generate. The rate is determined by the merchant.

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