ShareASale"Earning More with ShareASale: Strategies for Increasing Commissions"

"Earning More with ShareASale: Strategies for Increasing Commissions"

ShareASale is one of the most used and reliable affiliate marketing networks in the digital world today. As an affiliate marketer, your ultimate goal is to generate significant income from your affiliate marketing efforts. In this regard, this article provides valuable insights on increasing your commission on the ShareASale affiliate marketing platform.

Understanding ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing network where merchants list their products and affiliate marketers promote these products for a commission on each sale. The platform offers a plethora of products in diverse niches, thus allowing affiliates to choose products that are relevant to their target audience.

1. Select High-Commission Products

This is a no-brainer. Higher commission products will naturally earn you more money. Consequently, it is worthwhile to spend considerable time looking for high commission products in your niche. However, ensure that the products are of high quality as this affects your audience’s trust and your reputation.

2. Target the Right Audience

The aim of affiliate marketing is to promote products that your audience is genuinely interested in. Hence, it is crucial to understand your audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors. Having this understanding will guide you in promoting the right products to the right persons and boost your conversion rate.

3. Regular Quality Content Creation

Creating high-quality, insightful, and engaging content is key to driving traffic to your affiliate links. It’s not enough to just slap an affiliate link in an old blog post and hope for the best. Produce relevant content often and seamlessly incorporate your affiliate links.

4. Use Attractive Banners & Links

ShareASale provides a variety of banners and text links for their products. Use these media appropriately on your website, blog posts, or social media platforms for maximum conversions. Ensure they are strategically placed where your audience can easily see them.

5. Track Your Performance

ShareASale offers features that enable affiliates to track their performance. This includes data on click-through rates, sales, and overall commissions. Tracking your performance allows you to identify successful strategies and areas that need improvement.

6. Take Advantage of ShareASale’s PowerRank Feature

This is a ranking of the top 100 merchants on the platform based on their earnings per click, reversal rates, and average sale. The PowerRank is an excellent starting point for identifying profitable affiliate programs on ShareASale.


Earning more on ShareASale is a mixture of smart strategy and consistent effort. By focusing on choosing high-quality, high-commission products, creating quality content, targeting the right audience, using attractive banners and links, tracking your performance, and leveraging the PowerRank feature, you can improve your earnings on ShareASale.


1. Is ShareASale free for affiliates?

Yes, it is completely free for affiliates to sign up and start promoting products on the ShareASale platform.

2. How often does ShareASale pay commissions?

ShareASale pays its affiliates on the 20th of every month, given that you’ve reached the minimum payout threshold.

3. Can one promote any product on ShareASale?

Yes, as an affiliate, you have the freedom to choose any product to promote though it’s best to promote products that are relevant to your audience.

4. Can one track their performance on ShareASale?

Yes, ShareASale provides detailed reports that can help you comprehend and track your performance.

5. What is the PowerRank feature on ShareASale?

PowerRank is a list of the top 100 merchants on ShareASale based on several performance metrics. This can help affiliates identify profitable affiliate programs.

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