ShareASale"How to Successfully Recruit Affiliates on ShareASale"

"How to Successfully Recruit Affiliates on ShareASale"

ShareASale is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks, known for hosting numerous quality affiliate programs. Businesses of varying sizes have leveraged this platform to recruit reliable affiliates, pushing their products to high quality traffic and skyrocketing sales in the process.

Yet, the process of recruiting effective affiliates on ShareASale can be tricky. This guide is aimed at assisting merchants to smartly navigate this hurdle, enlist successful affiliates, and ultimately maximize their business potentials.

Thorough Program Setup

Before starting to recruit affiliates, it is essential to properly set up your affiliate program. Provide a concise program description outlining what your business and products/services entail. This savvy information gives potential affiliates an easy grasp of what they stand to push. An affiliate program with an in-depth, engaging description is more likely to attract productive agents.

Competitive Commission Rates

In the matrix of affiliate marketing, commission works as the main attraction for affiliates. Offering competitive commission rates commensurate with the value of your products is a sure-fire way to recruit top-tier affiliates. High commission rates motivate productive affiliates to push your products hence, providing them a performance incentive is a strategic move.

High-Quality Product Selection

Affiliates gravitate towards high-quality products that are easy to promote and yield good conversion rates. Ensure your product selection caters to the needs of a specific or diverse audience. High-quality products paint a picture of a well-established, reliable brand, thereby, attracting affiliates confident in converting leads into sales.

Effective Communication

Strong communication is the backbone of successful affiliate recruitment. Regularly update your potential and existing affiliates about new offers, promotions or changes in policy. ShareASale facilitates this with its inbuilt tools for sending newsletters and notifications. Effective communication fosters trust, loyalty, and dedication among affiliates.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Being mindful of your affiliates’ performance is paramount. ShareASale facilitates this with its advanced real-time tracking system. It enables you to monitor all relevant metrics – sales, clicks, and conversions made by your affiliates. The platform’s robust reporting feature is a powerful tool in understanding the effectiveness, inconsistencies and growth opportunities of your affiliate program.

Compelling Affiliate Resources

Above all, arm your affiliates with marketing resources – banners, promotional images, text links, product data feeds, etc. Quality marketing resources aid the promotion process, reduce the affiliate’s workload and ultimately result in higher conversions.


Recruiting efficient affiliates on ShareASale requires a blend of smart strategies, ranging from program setup, offering competitive commission rates, maintaining high-quality product selection, effective communication, leveraging real-time analytics to providing potent marketing resources. Master these techniques and watch your business soar with increased sales, growth and brand visibility.


1. How long does it take to recruit affiliates?A: Recruiting the right affiliates does not happen overnight. It takes time to assess potential affiliates, their interests, and performance capacity.

2. Can my business recruit more than one affiliate?A: Yes, you can recruit multiple affiliates to enhance your marketing strategy and reach a broader audience.

3. Do I need to offer high commission rates always?A: While commission rates play a huge role in attracting affiliates, they are not the sole factor. Affiliates also value the quality of the product and the reputation of the brand.

4. How can I know if an affiliate is performing?A: ShareASale’s reporting tools provide real-time updates on each affiliate’s performance. It tells you who is making sales, who is not, who is driving the highest traffic, and so on.

5. Is communication essential in managing affiliates?A: Absolutely! Regular communication keeps your relationship with affiliates strong. You respond to their concerns, provide updates, and motivate their performance.

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