ShareASale"How ShareASale Partnerships are Bolstering Businesses Online"

"How ShareASale Partnerships are Bolstering Businesses Online"

The evolution of e-commerce and online businesses has been drastic and influential in the past decade. With the availability of numerous affiliate marketing networks, businesses have been able to expand their reach and boost their return on investment. One such platform is ShareASale, a prominent player in the Affiliate Marketing Network industry.

Understanding ShareASale

ShareASale, currently part of the Awin Group, is a performance marketing network, providing a platform for affiliations between merchants and affiliates. It provides a platform for businesses and affiliates alike to increase their online presence and performance.

Boosting Businesses through ShareASale Partnerships

ShareASale has over 3900 merchant programs that span across 40 different categories. This gives a wide range of options for businesses looking to increase their reach through affiliate marketing. Here is how partnerships with ShareASale can bolster online businesses:

  1. Increased Sales: With an affiliate marketing campaign, businesses can increase their sales. Affiliates provide advertising, marketing, and traffic generation for the products. As a result, businesses increase their potential customer base and improve their sales.
  2. Brand Visibility: Affiliate marketers use several avenues to promote products. This way, the brand name of the business gets more exposure, which leads to increased brand visibility.
  3. Cost-Effective: The nature of the ShareASale platform and affiliate marketing in general allows businesses to only have to pay for successful sales or leads created. This makes it a highly cost-effective means of marketing.

Success Stories: ShareASale Partnerships

Several businesses have seen significant growth through partnerships with ShareASale. For instance, WP Engine, a WordPress hosting company, acknowledged that they reached more than double their initial revenue target in a short period due to their partnership with ShareASale.


ShareASale partnerships provide a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence, increase visibility and boost sales. By connecting merchants to a vast network of affiliates, businesses can enjoy a cost-effective means of advertising and marketing, all while gaining extended reach into untapped markets. The potential benefits and examples of success stories reinforce the relevance of ShareASale partnerships for bolstering businesses online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does ShareASale work for businesses?
  • ShareASale provides a platform for businesses to connect with affiliates who ensure advertising, marketing, and traffic generation for the products of these businesses.

  • 2. What are the benefits of a partnership with ShareASale?
  • ShareASale partnerships can lead to increased sales, more brand visibility, and it is highly cost-effective.

  • 3. How have businesses benefited from partnering with ShareASale?
  • Businesses such as WP Engine have seen a significant increase in their revenue due to their partnership with ShareASale.

  • 4. Is it expensive for a business to use ShareASale?
  • No, ShareASale works on a performance basis, meaning businesses only pay for successful sales or leads which makes it a cost-effective means of marketing.

  • 5. How does ShareASale increase brand visibility?
  • Affiliates promote the products on multiple channels thereby increasing the exposure of the brand and hence the visibility.

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