ShareASale"How ShareASale Conversion Tracking Works"

"How ShareASale Conversion Tracking Works"

For many online marketers, affiliate marketing is a significant income stream. Intensification in technology and the emergence of platforms like ShareASale has made it more comfortable and more effective to be a marketer. One of the critical facets that make affiliate marketing successful and accurate is the implementation of a robust and reliable tracking system. One such system used by online marketers is the ShareASale Conversion Tracking. In this article, we will perform an in-depth examination of how ShareASale Conversion Tracking works.

Understanding ShareASale

ShareASale is a favorite performance marketing platform that provides affiliate marketing solutions to both advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliate marketers). As an affiliate marketing network, ShareASale operates as the middleman between affiliates and merchants, facilitating the promotion of merchants’ products or services in return for a commission on any completed sales or leads.

What Is ShareASale Conversion Tracking?

ShareASale Conversion Tracking is a feature that enables merchants and affiliates to monitor and track the results of their marketing efforts accurately. The function ensures that every click, lead, and sale generated through an affiliate link is recorded. This accurate recording enables the proper attribution of commissions to the deserving affiliates.

How Does ShareASale Conversion Tracking Work?

ShareASale Conversion Tracking comprises several steps that magnify its effectiveness. When a potential customer clicks on an affiliate link, ShareASale records and stores the click within their system. This is achieved using ‘cookies,’ a technology that helps store some data on the user’s device for a specific period. The cookie from the potential customer’s click carries the affiliate’s ID, which is used to trace the sale back to the affiliate.

If the potential customer completes a purchase, ShareASale correlates the sale with the affiliate owing to the link clicked by the customer. The transaction is then added to the ShareASale platform database, and the conversion is recorded for the affiliate. This system ensures that affiliates get paid for the actual sales made and not just click-throughs.

The Importance Of ShareASale Conversion Tracking

ShareASale Conversion Tracking plays a vital role in affiliate marketing. Its elaborate and detailed tracking system provides accurate data that helps both affiliates and merchants monitor and optimize their campaigns. With this reliable tracking in place, affiliates can be confident they will receive their due commission. On the other side, the merchants will know the exact return from their investment in affiliate marketing.


In conclusion, understanding how ShareASale Conversion Tracking works can lead to more successful affiliate marketing strategies. With accurate tracking of every click, lead and sale, ShareASale Conversion Tracking ensures fair and valid attribution of sales to the respective affiliates, promoting trust and reliability in affiliate marketing.


1. What is ShareASale conversion tracking?

ShareASale conversion tracking is a system that allows marketers to monitor and track their marketing campaigns’ results accurately.

2. How does ShareASale conversion tracking work?

Through cookies technology, when a customer clicks on an affiliate link, ShareASale records and stores the click. If a purchase is made, the sale is credited to the affiliate through the stored information.

3. Why is ShareASale conversion tracking important?

ShareASale conversion tracking provides accurate data, allowing marketers to optimize their campaigns and ensuring proper commission attribution.

4. Can I trust ShareASale conversion tracking?

Yes, the technology used by ShareASale for conversion tracking has proven reliable over time. It assures affiliates get paid for the actual sales made.

5. What data does ShareASale conversion tracking provide?

ShareASale conversion tracking gives comprehensive details on click-throughs, leads, and sales for a performance analysis of your affiliate marketing campaign.

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