eBay Partner"Guide to Understanding eBay's Promotional Campaigns"

"Guide to Understanding eBay’s Promotional Campaigns"

As an online marketplace, eBay offers a fresh and exciting platform for sellers to reach potential customers worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the site’s promotional campaigns are a significant part of their strategy to attract and retain customers. They vary in nature and aim to provide value to both sellers and buyers. This guide aims to elucidate such campaigns, their benefits, how to implement them, and how they can increase your exposure and improve your eBay selling experience.

What Are eBay Promotional Campaigns?

They are sales strategies designed to draw the attention of buyers. They offer incentives that incline the buyer towards purchasing a seller’s items. These incentives can be discounts, free shipping, or even simple product visibility enhancement through advanced placement in the marketplace’s search results.

Types of eBay Promotional Campaigns

eBay offers sellers a range of promotional approaches. Each one is designed to meet the needs of different selling scenarios:

Markdown Sale Events

Markdown Sale Events are sales campaigns where sellers can temporarily decrease their products’ prices to attract potential buyers. They are a great way to clear out inventory and encourage bulk buying. The sale event can last from 1 to 45 days, and the markdown rates can be between 5% to 75%.

Order Discount Promotions

eBay’s order discounts offer buyers savings when they buy more than one item, spend over a certain amount, or when they purchase an item from a promotional list defined by the seller. This tactic is designed to encourage repeat business and increase the average order value.

Volume Pricing

Volume Pricing allows sellers to offer discounts to buyers who purchase multiple quantities of an item. It’s an excellent strategy for encouraging bulk purchases.

eBay Codes

Sellers can also leverage eBay discount codes to incentivise purchases. These codes can offer either a fixed monetary reduction or a percentage discount on purchases. They are versatile promotional tools because the seller has control over the conditions that must be met before the buyer can use the code.

Implementing eBay Promotional Campaigns

To implement a promotional campaign on eBay, a seller needs to go to the ‘Marketing’ tab in the ‘Seller Hub’ and select ‘Promotions’. From there, the seller can choose the type of campaign they wish to run. The platform offers a guided setup allowing the seller to select the items, discount amounts, and duration of the campaigns. A campaign can be previewed before it goes live, allowing the seller to make any necessary adjustments. After launching the campaign, it will appear on the seller’s eBay store and in search results, depending on the campaign type.


Understanding eBay’s promotional campaigns is essential for sellers aiming to increase their sales and customer base on the platform. The different types of campaigns, including Markdown Sale Events, Order Discount Promotions, Volume Pricing, and eBay Codes, each serve unique purposes that cater to specific seller needs and strategies. Implementing these campaigns is straightforward and user-friendly, making them a viable strategy for all eBay sellers, from those just starting to veterans looking to boost their sales and visibility.


1. Can I run multiple promotions at once?

Yes, you can run several promotions simultaneously. However, they should not interfere or conflict with each other, ensuring that your buyers get the best possible deal.

2. How long must my promotional campaign last?

The duration of your campaign depends on your business strategy. Markdown Sale Events can last from 1 to 45 days, while other promotions, like Order Discount and Volume Pricing, can be set for more extended periods.

3. Does eBay charge for promotional campaigns?

No, eBay does not charge for setting up promotional campaigns. However, should a sale occur because of the campaign, standard eBay fees apply.

4. Can I cancel or edit a campaign once it’s live?

Yes, you can cancel or edit your campaign at any time. However, changes will not affect transactions already in progress.

5. Do promotional campaigns impact my eBay seller rating?

No, promotional campaigns will not directly affect your seller rating. However, successful campaigns leading to positive buyer experiences can enhance your reputation on the platform.

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