CJ Affiliate"Exploring the History and Impact of CJ Commission"

"Exploring the History and Impact of CJ Commission"

One of the pioneer platforms in the realm of affiliate marketing, the CJ Commission, formerly known as Commission Junction, has left an indelible mark on the online marketing landscape. This powerful platform has changed the course of online marketing since its inception and continues to influence trends to this day. Let’s embark on an exploration of the history and impact of this trailblazing platform.

A Brief Overview of the CJ Commission

Founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California, the CJ Commission, or ‘CJ’, as it is commonly referred to, has grown to be one of the most widespread and trusted ad networks on the global stage. Owned by Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s leading communications groups, CJ operates on a global scale, with offices in various locations worldwide.

The History of CJ Commission

From its early beginnings in 1998, CJ stood out through its dedication to innovation and quality. The company was started as a platform to enable website owners to build partnerships with advertisers, allowing them to earn revenue by driving visitor traffic to partner sites.

Over the years, CJ evolved its services, continually advancing to keep pace with the rapid changes in the digital landscape. In 2000, it launched its site certification program, boosting credibility and trust among advertisers and publishers alike. This move was followed by the introduction of new technological features, including real-time tracking and reporting in 2001, further solidifying its standing in the market.

In 2003, Commission Junction was acquired by ValueClick, one of the largest online advertising companies of the time, and its services were expanded to cover a broader range of advertisers and publishers. In 2014, following a rebranding exercise, Commission Junction became CJ Affiliate by Conversant, maintaining its reputation for delivering high-quality affiliate marketing solutions.

The Impact of CJ Commission

The CJ Commission has been pivotal in the growth and development of affiliate marketing. Its sophisticated technology, combined with a relentless focus on innovation, has allowed it to lead the way in the industry, helping to shape trends and set standards. It has continually adapted its services and technologies in response to changes in the marketing landscape, keeping advertisers and publishers ahead of the curve.

CJ’s comprehensive suite of services, from real-time tracking and reporting to its dedicated affiliate management system, has empowered advertisers and publishers alike, driving growth and revenue in the industry. Its international presence has also been significant, promulgating the adoption of affiliate marketing strategy by businesses of all sizes, everywhere in the world.


The CJ Commission has left a profound imprint on the landscape of affiliate marketing, leaving a legacy thoroughly intertwined with the evolution of digital marketing as a whole. From setting the initial standards of affiliate marketing to continually innovating to match the changing trends, CJ has not just weathered the storms but charted new courses in the digital marketing space.


1. What is CJ Commission?

The CJ Commission, originally known as Commission Junction, is a globally renowned affiliate marketing platform offering a comprehensive array of services for advertisers and publishers.

2. When was CJ Commission founded?

CJ Commission was founded in the year 1998 in Santa Barbara, California.

3. What was pivotal in CJ Commission’s growth?

CJ’s success has been driven in large part by their relentless focus on technological advancement and drive for innovation, making it a trusted and reliable platform for both advertisers and publishers.

4. Who owns CJ Commission currently?

Since its acquisition in 2003, CJ Commission is currently owned by Publicis Groupe, a global communications group.

5. How has CJ Commission shaped the course of affiliate marketing?

The CJ Commission has had a profound influence on the course of affiliate marketing trends due to continuous innovation, superior technology, and its dedicated affiliate management system.

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